We are a national energy company, we deliver fuel and lubricants at a national level. Besides the different operational supplies of Fuel and Oil, we are specialized in selling, maintaining, and repairing gas station equipment. To meet the increasing demand for oil draining centers and advanced auto diagnostics, Localub’s ambition to create several centers in the Moroccan territory has become a reality, with more than 13 operational centers dedicated to Auto diagnostic, draining, we aim to give the best-updated services that respond to all needs.

Statement of Purpose

A progressive, innovative company to pioneer the future of energy.

Shared Values

To maintain a sound and healthy working environment, and a long-lasting relationship with our partner Petronas, stakeholders, and customers, our commitment relies on: 

  • Integrity: Loyalty and operating the company in accordance with high moral values. 
  • Loyalty: Encourage our employees to do their best work and perform to their highest of standards, while fulfilling their needs, and the needs of the different stakeholders. 
  • Professionalism: We strive to provide the best professional environment to our customers, stakeholders, and employees. 
  • Cohesiveness: Maintaining the union of our team members to fulfill our statement of purpose.
  • Trust: We thrive to build an environment of transparency and a participative approach of all employees, to build a trusting working environment while satisfying all the needs. 
  • Safety: As a petroleum company, we strive to maintain the safety of all our employees in the field and inside the company.

Our brand

Petronas our official partner and provider of different ranges of oils, we are an exclusive distributor of Petronas oils in Morocco. Our aim is to introduce to the Moroccan energy market a sustainable brand that strives to reduce the environmental impact and fulfill the increasing need for energy solutions.  We provide high-quality fuel and oils to the Moroccan Market, while inducing stations, draining, and auto-diagnostic centers, providing high-quality services to ensure trust within our customer channel.

Our Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

For any feedback or suggestion, you can leave a message on our website, or contact us by sending an email to contact@localub.com

We provide on our website the updated prices of fuel. You can check all the prices prior to reaching any station.

It shouldn’t be a concern. Technical changes to vehicle fuel systems have virtually eliminated fuel evaporation losses.

We supply all our potential customers with diesel. There are two ways to get the diesel, either at our stations or by filling the form in ‘’becoming our customer’’ section, we will get in touch with you to discuss the procedures.

All the job openings are advertised on our website  CAREER and on LinkedIn.

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