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  • Who owns Localub stations?

    The company Localub owns all the 13 stations in the Moroccan territory. The provision of fuel and lubricants is assured by the company.

  • I want to give a suggestion/Feedback. Whom do I contact?

    For any feedback or suggestion, you can leave a message on our website, or contact us by sending an email to

  • How can I check the price of petrol/Diesel at the retail outlet?

    We provide on our website the updated prices of fuel. You can check all the prices prior to reaching any station.

  • Does it help to fill up in the morning when fuel is cool ?

    Not really. While it is true that gasoline expands as it gets hotter (Reducing the energy content in a given volume). The storage tanks at gasoline stations are buried several feet underground, which help to insulate gasoline and keep the temperature relatively constant.

  • What is a High-Speed Diesel?

    HSD is used as a fuel in medium and high-speed compression ignition engines, such, as in commercial vehicles, stationary diesel engines, locomotives, and pumps.

    There are several other factors that affect charging rate: amount of power available from the charge source, extremely cold temperatures, and current state of charge (a nearly empty battery charges faster than a battery that is almost full).
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