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Localub is a downstream supplier of Fuel in the Moroccan territory with more than 13 stations and customers from different industries. Besides the provision in Fuel, Localub sells oil vehicles, heavy trucks, and Industrial in partnership with Petronas. 

We supply high-quality fuel to the local market, through our stations, to companies and businesses through our tanks. The logistics are assured by the company respecting the safety guidelines of our employees and customers.

Localub has its own Oil brand destined to fulfill all the needs in the Moroccan market. The company provides high-quality lubricants made with advanced technologies that respond to the growing demand for lubricants.


We ensure that we supply high-quality fuel to all customers in different industries: Construction, Maritim, Food, agriculture…etc.


Logistics is ensured by LOCALUB, we supply the fuel through our stations, located in different parts of the Moroccan territory, and by tanks transportations.

Our staff is trained to ensure the best course of action for Fuel transportation and delivery. The safety guidelines are respected and followed by our staff, and we assure that our customers cooperate with the security and safety procedures.

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If you have put the wrong fuel, make sure not to start your engine, this will damage your vehicle. If the engine has been started, this will cause damage to the engine. It will then be necessary to pump out all the fuel and to clean the engine thoroughly.  To avoid damage, do not start the engine and call and notify the service department.

Vehicle maintenance is the key. Keeping the air filters clean, tires properly inflated and car tuned regularly.A tuned-up engine can improve car fuel economy by an average of one mile per gallon. Furthermore, under-inflated tires can reduce it by the same amount. According to experts, the car needs a 30 second warm-up before you can start driving in winter. Cooling the car on hot days should be done responsibly. Also, less use of your air conditioner can improve fuel economy by as much as two miles per gallon. Reducing weight can increase fuel efficiency.

We provide in our website the updated prices of fuel. You can check all the prices prior to reaching any station.

It shouldn’t be a concern. Technical changes to vehicle fuel systems have virtually eliminated fuel evaporation losses.

Very little. While it is true that gasoline expands as it gets hotter (Reducing the energy content in a given volume). The expansion is only about 1% for every 15 degrees F. Moreover storage tanks at gasoline stations are buried several feet underground, helping to insulate fuel and keep temperature relatively constant. The benefit: If any of filling up in the morning versus the evening would be hard to notice.