There is a high range of oil, which one should I choose for my vehicle?

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To eliminate the risk of friction and corrosion, it is necessary to choose the right oil that will guarantee a good lubrication of the

Car-owner handbooks will give you a minimum oil specification. However, you may wish to trade up to a better specification engine oil. Choosing the correct engine oil for a vehicle depends on:

  • A high-performance car needs a higher performance oil, so the car’s type should be taken into consideration.
  • The new technology engines have much more specificities, as an example, modern cars have blow-by-gas recirculation that can cause extreme oxidation in old-technology oils and sensitive ones. So the car’s age plays an important role
  • To prevent increased engine wear and tear, it is necessary to choose high-quality oil, especially for modern motorway driving and heavy stop traffic. For instance, the driving environment and habits will determine the range of oil to choose for your vehicle.

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