I’ve put the wrong fuel in my car, what should I do ?

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If you have put the wrong fuel, make sure not to start your engine, this will damage your vehicle. If the engine has been started, this will cause damage to the engine. It will then be necessary to pump out all the fuel and to clean the engine thoroughly. To avoid damage, do not start the engine and call and notify the service department..

Tip 1: Don’t start your engine as it will damage your vehicle.
Tip 2: In case you started the engine, it would be necessary to pump out all the fuel and to clean the engine.

The petrol will act as a solvent, damaging the fuel pump and other parts of the fuel system. If left unchecked, this could mean a costly repair of your car’s fuel system, or a complete replacement of the fuel pump, diesel injectors, filters, and fuel tank.

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